Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I got a call yesterday from a company requesting some clarification on an online order for a bicycle, paid for with my Visa card.

One small problem: I did not order a bicycle online with my Visa card.

Someone did, though. That same someone also bought $240 worth of something else from that company, as well as a $245 pair of sunglasses.

Expensive tastes, this thief has.

I mean, I'm not required to pay for those crazy sunglasses, of course, but I would like to speak to this person and ask them why those sunglasses were so very important that he or she felt the need to buy them with my credit card. Does the thief have a special medical condition requiring expensive wrap-around sunglasses to block all harmful UV rays? As well as doctor's orders to buy a bicycle and exercise?

I would like to give this person the benefit of the doubt, because I am a nice person that way, but in this case, I think I am justified in saying: I hate you, person who used my credit card. And I hope those stupid-ass sunglasses get stolen when you put them down somewhere.

So there.


Phoo-D said...

Wow there must be a lot of this going on right now. The same thing happened to us last week. Someone down in Texas tried to have fun at Target with our credit card. At least your thief was smart enough to go for something other than toilet paper!

sweetbird said...

Ugh - we had this happen two years ago. Someone got my husband's info and racked up $8K in charges in less than two hours. They were buying dozens of copies of high-end software. Thankfully our bank is pretty quick on the fraud protection and we had our money back in like two weeks.

Hope it all gets worked out!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that such companies now check with you. When we bought a new stove and refrigerator, we got a call from Sears checking to see if we were really us. We were!

Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

I used a card that we don't usually use for an under 30 dollar gas purchase and later that same day they called to check if it was us who had used it.
Just make sure never to give someone any info about your card unless you are sure it is the company in question you are dealing with...anyone could call and say just what they said to you and not have your number until you give it to them ...then THEY can go on a spending spree. Err on the side of caution always. Beth

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the folks in the kingdom that have no money

Chiot's Run said...

This is sooo annoying when it happens. Someone did this to us a year or two ago (after a visit to Washington D.C.). They purchased a few thousand dollars worth of stuff.

The most annoying part is getting a new credit card, especially since I have all my utilities, insurance, etc. automatically charged to it each month - took me a few hours to get everything switched over.


Could there have been a mix up when the order was taken?

Alicia said...

I hope jails in NY don't have AC either! Jerk!

FinnyKnits said...

YEEK! I would like to know why VISA didn't call you as a result of their Protection Plan BS.

I probably get 2-3 calls per year from VISA checking to make sure that a strange looking charge is actually mine.

It seems like a bike, sunglasses and what not would definitely throw a flag on your account.

Either way - that person sucks ass.

Daisy said...

I could add to your wishes for the ID thief: I hope they set the sunglasses on the seat of the car and then forget they're there. Smash! It would get them where it counts; right in the (ahem) wallet.

rls said...

Boo, thief! I used to handle credit and debit card disputes for a bank for a couple of years. It sucks. You sound like you were fairly calm about it, but some people get totally freaked out and bitchy...understandable, but still no fun to deal with.

Julie said...

I few years ago I spent $800 in Japan. Pretty interesting considering I've never even crossed the ocean!