Monday, July 28, 2014

Old Photos Are the Best Photos

I was looking through some old photos on my laptop (nope, still haven't gotten all that organized) and I came across this one*. I couldn't help but laugh at it.

Bet you laughed, too.

I stopped laughing pretty quick, though, when I realized that all too soon I'll be wearing that coat in that weather with that baby carrier and an even smaller baby riding in it. 

Winter is coming. And so is the baby. Brace yourselves.

* Taken by my sister a year and a half ago when she and my mom came for Cubby's third birthday party. Good times.


Anonymous said...

I remember taking that photo! Fun day stomping thru the snow placing stiles. And right now, with the heat index to be 105 in hot and humid Florida (with no end in sight to the forever summer) that snow looks so good.....


Anonymous said...

Sorry -spiles. Not little steps to climb over fences, but sap collecting implements. Spellcheck fail.

Daisy said...

Great picture! You'll have to pose a new one with the new baby, just for the blog.