Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Reputation To Live Up To

After dinner this evening, I remained in the kitchen to wash dishes and blanch green beans for freezing*. A. was refereeing the after-dinner revelry in the living room. Tonight's revelry seemed to be awfully scream-y, in a slightly hysterical way, but since there was a responsible adult present in the living room, I ignored the noise and carried on.

A. came in the kitchen after awhile and asked me if something was wrong with Charlie today.

"Not that I know of," I said. "Why?"

"He just keeps having fits. Over really irrational things, like a person sitting on a couch cushion."

"He's two," I said. "He has irrational fits all day. That's why they're called the Terrible Twos."

It's cute how innocent A. still is, isn't it?

* A paltry two quart bags. It's not going to sustain us through a long winter or anything, but I suppose it's better than nothing.


Daisy said...

Oh, the beans - it'll just encourage the family to help you plant and maintain the garden next year while you relax with the new little one.

I hear you laughing.

sheila said...

Wegmans frozen beans are cheap. Take a year off and have A till in successive replanting of buckwheat next summer. You should be able to get in 3 to 4 plantings. You just need to till them in a few days after they flower (before they set seed) and immediately replant. Easy to replant, scatter the seed and lightly drag a rake over it and walk away. Then follow with a September planting of field peas and oats. After a year of cover crops the garden will be practically weed free the following year.

Three under five, you need to take a break from gardening till those kids are big enough to help. If it were me, I'd only plant a tiny kids garden next year so the 2 oldest boys could go out and pick a few fresh veggies for grazing/snacking. I'd have no expectations of having the time to do winter storage. Give yourself permission to play with the kids, they really do grow up quickly. It's just the individual days that are reeeeealy loooooong.

tu mere said...

How can that angelic face contort to a terrible two mask, I ask. Just wait until you get here and see for yourself, she replies.