Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Wishes and Adirondack Dreams

This morning at 6:30, A. loaded Cubby and Charlie into the Subaru and set out on a four-hour drive to the Adirondack Mountains. Their specific destination was Tupper Lake, the location of the Adirondack Wild Center. They're meeting Jodi and his two boys at the Center for a presentation on animal tracks and sign, to be followed by snowshoeing outside the center with the presenter on a hunt for tracks. Tonight all six of them will be staying with Jodi and A.'s friend Matt, who just took a job in Tupper Lake and has a house there.

Can you imagine the scene at that house tonight, with three men and four boys under the age of eight? Good God. The very thought is terrifying.

Thankfully, I got to stay at home. This is A.'s Valentine's present to me--a quiet house and only one child to care for.

So I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with my steady:

He's not much into chocolates or jewelry, but he makes up for it with charm.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies. I hope it's a wonderful day, whatever you may do.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Still Here

Just hanging out in my perpetually messy house, which currently smells a bit like sewage thanks to the old, unreachable pipes in the defunct back bath that release their lovely fumes when it gets really cold and windy.

It's complicated. And gross.

And yes, it is very cold--four whole degrees--and very windy. We have a wind chill advisory today, so of course Cubby is all, "I'm going outside today!" Because today is as close to the last ice age as we're going to get and Cubby is a wee bit obsessed with the ice age and cavemen and spear hunting. Especially the spear hunting. He didn't understand why we couldn't just go to the store and buy him a spear for his birthday. Poor kid was definitely born too late. Like about 200,000 years too late.

Not to worry. A. has big plans to make him a spear. Of course.

To continue the miscellany . . .

Charlie was more or less potty trained and now he's . . . not. That kid is seriously stubborn. Also sometimes very, very irritating.

Jack continues to grow, thanks to his healthy appetite, and also has started smiling. Best. He's really a pretty chill baby, and I give him major props for how easy-going he is. Especially when he's lying helpless on a blanket while his big brothers "play with him." He seems remarkably unconcerned about the strong likelihood that one or the other of them is going to land on his face at any moment, due to their gyrations and general insanity.

Third child, for sure.

And that's about it. Multiple boys, serious cold, and sewage odors in the house. The usual Blackrock scene.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Happy birthday to
the incredible Cubby.

Monday, February 9, 2015

I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then

A long time ago, the MiL served up a dip for carrot sticks that involved all of two ingredients: mayonnaise and curry powder*.

Yes. And yes, please.

I love mayonnaise. I love curry. I really love the two combined as a dip. Luckily, so do the children. So when they asked me for a snack this afternoon, I gave them carrot sticks and curry dip. And then there was just a little bit of the dip left, but no more carrot sticks.

But there were potato chips. And this is when I discovered that the Chip Rule holds true: the dip is even better with potato chips.

I did a (heavily modified) 30-Day Shred workout yesterday, and I was all set to have a correspondingly healthy diet from here on out. I do not think my newly-discovered delicious pairing should be a part of it, and I really wish I hadn't discovered it.

Except I don't really wish that, because YUM.

* I use sweet curry powder because I am not into injuring my mouth, but I suppose you could also use the hot kind. The MiL informed us that this dip was a staple of the 1970s. What's old is new again. Or something.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scenes From a Blackrock Winter

Pretty sure the ice build-up in the gutters is reaching damaging quantities. Cool icicles, though.

The picnic table is my snow measuring device. According to our forecast, that snow cap is going to double in height by Tuesday. Super.

The snowshoes are currently living permanently on top of the cat house by the door.

A. spent a few hours yesterday making a snow fort/igloo for the children* (and maybe to relive his own childhood snow forts), complete with Tidy-Cat-bucket blocks to make an arched doorway.

I spent some time inside it with Cubby, and I kind of wanted to hide out in it all day. Snow is such an excellent sound absorber. So peaceful. Albeit also cold and wet.

The princesses are sticking to the shoveled paths so they don't get too much snow on their dainty paws.

Which means they leave their snacks on the paths, too. Currier and Ives would not approve.

* Then he spent the rest of the day shoveling our 300-foot driveway so the water truck could back up it to deliver water. When the guy arrived at 5 p.m., he had to gun it multiple times from the bottom of the driveway to get all the way up to the cisterns, with an enthusiastic audience of Cubby and Charlie looking out the window over the couch and cheering him on, "GO, WATER GUY, GO! HOORAY, WATER GUY MADE IT!" It's an exciting life they lead. Though we were all excited that he did make it, thus ensuring we won't run out of water for a couple of weeks.