Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Wishes and Adirondack Dreams

This morning at 6:30, A. loaded Cubby and Charlie into the Subaru and set out on a four-hour drive to the Adirondack Mountains. Their specific destination was Tupper Lake, the location of the Adirondack Wild Center. They're meeting Jodi and his two boys at the Center for a presentation on animal tracks and sign, to be followed by snowshoeing outside the center with the presenter on a hunt for tracks. Tonight all six of them will be staying with Jodi and A.'s friend Matt, who just took a job in Tupper Lake and has a house there.

Can you imagine the scene at that house tonight, with three men and four boys under the age of eight? Good God. The very thought is terrifying.

Thankfully, I got to stay at home. This is A.'s Valentine's present to me--a quiet house and only one child to care for.

So I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with my steady:

He's not much into chocolates or jewelry, but he makes up for it with charm.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies. I hope it's a wonderful day, whatever you may do.


Anonymous said...

He looks like the perfect date! Enjoy your quiet evening.

DFW said...

What a wonderful Valentine present! Your date is very handsome & I can tell he also has the charm factor.

Anonymous said...

How did the overnight go?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Great. All the boys--big and little--had a wonderful time.

Daisy said...

Charming? Oh, he's oozing charm!