Monday, February 9, 2015

I Wish I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then

A long time ago, the MiL served up a dip for carrot sticks that involved all of two ingredients: mayonnaise and curry powder*.

Yes. And yes, please.

I love mayonnaise. I love curry. I really love the two combined as a dip. Luckily, so do the children. So when they asked me for a snack this afternoon, I gave them carrot sticks and curry dip. And then there was just a little bit of the dip left, but no more carrot sticks.

But there were potato chips. And this is when I discovered that the Chip Rule holds true: the dip is even better with potato chips.

I did a (heavily modified) 30-Day Shred workout yesterday, and I was all set to have a correspondingly healthy diet from here on out. I do not think my newly-discovered delicious pairing should be a part of it, and I really wish I hadn't discovered it.

Except I don't really wish that, because YUM.

* I use sweet curry powder because I am not into injuring my mouth, but I suppose you could also use the hot kind. The MiL informed us that this dip was a staple of the 1970s. What's old is new again. Or something.


Anonymous said...

Well duh. Of course everything is better with chips. I love couscous scooped into tortilla chips...

tu mere said...

Moi is correct. Just about everything is better with chips.

30-Day Shred workout - you go girl! In no time you'll be out of those old jeans and back to your pre-pregnant wardrobe. A little bit of calorie counting does make the journey easier, but you've got to do it your way (as the song goes).

Not that it really makes a difference, but know that I'm your biggest fan, cheering you on each time you slide in that DVD. This is from another family member who exercises solely to eat and, at the same time, stay at a healthy weight .

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

Okay, the Chip Rule is entirely accurate.
Everything is better on chips - and I've never had that kind of dip before you know I'm makin' it.
Right now I'm on a homemade ranch dip and tortilla chip bender. Should be lovely for my waistline...