Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SuperAunt Saves the Day

My sister has been here since Sunday. She came to meet Poppy, see the boys (and me, I suppose, but at this point I always consider myself the afterthought to the children) and help me while A. was gone on a work trip.

I am devoutly grateful that she did. Poppy has been sick--mucous season rages on--and therefore up a lot to nurse and be held at night. And wanting to be held a lot during the day. If I didn't have another pair of adult arms to hold her for me at least during the day sometimes, I'd be even more crippled than I am now.

As A. likes to say in his best gym-rat voice, "My pecs are blown, bro."


She's been on Poppy-soothing duty more or less since she came. Also ice skating with children duty, on the literal ice block that is our driveway at the moment. And sledding duty with Jack. And dishes, and dressing children, and changing diapers, and . . .

Well. Family is awesome.

That is all.