Friday, February 13, 2015

Still Here

Just hanging out in my perpetually messy house, which currently smells a bit like sewage thanks to the old, unreachable pipes in the defunct back bath that release their lovely fumes when it gets really cold and windy.

It's complicated. And gross.

And yes, it is very cold--four whole degrees--and very windy. We have a wind chill advisory today, so of course Cubby is all, "I'm going outside today!" Because today is as close to the last ice age as we're going to get and Cubby is a wee bit obsessed with the ice age and cavemen and spear hunting. Especially the spear hunting. He didn't understand why we couldn't just go to the store and buy him a spear for his birthday. Poor kid was definitely born too late. Like about 200,000 years too late.

Not to worry. A. has big plans to make him a spear. Of course.

To continue the miscellany . . .

Charlie was more or less potty trained and now he's . . . not. That kid is seriously stubborn. Also sometimes very, very irritating.

Jack continues to grow, thanks to his healthy appetite, and also has started smiling. Best. He's really a pretty chill baby, and I give him major props for how easy-going he is. Especially when he's lying helpless on a blanket while his big brothers "play with him." He seems remarkably unconcerned about the strong likelihood that one or the other of them is going to land on his face at any moment, due to their gyrations and general insanity.

Third child, for sure.

And that's about it. Multiple boys, serious cold, and sewage odors in the house. The usual Blackrock scene.


tu mere said...

So glad we missed that whole sewage thing. My, what could possibly go wrong with Cubby and a spear. The snake was bad enough (who'd have thunk!).

Keep on keeping on. Both you and Jack have a lot to overcome.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Charlie is just finding ways to distinguish himself from his older brother---for now! Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

I've heard of that happening a lot--potty-trained toddler gets new sibling and forgets all about using the potty. Perhaps a power and control thing?