Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Settling In

There's always so much to do after returning from a trip: running the lake pump to fill the cisterns; getting more chicken food; pulling out the spiles in the maple trees and washing the sap buckets out; doing mountains of laundry.

Perhaps some of those are specific to Blackrock? Yeah.

Spring arrived while we were gone. When Cubby and I left, it was 37 degrees with snow on the way. Yesterday it was 66 degrees with bright sunshine. The crocuses are out in full force, to the delight of the bees getting drunk on nectar. While Cubby reunited happily with his buddy the lawn tractor, I took the opportunity to drag away the remaining lilac branches that have been sitting around since A.'s big pruning job weeks ago*.

If this weather keeps up, which it is supposed to do, A. might actually till the garden this weekend to plant some oats as a cover crop, and we can get in some early lettuce and spinach. The shearer is coming on Monday to get those heavy wool coats off the presumably pregnant sheep. Which means lambing is just around the corner.

Spring has come to Blackrock. Brace yourselves.

* Incidentally, I got a manicure for my sister's wedding. The lady said it should last for two weeks. She was not counting on my particular lifestyle, however. I suspect this sassy bright pink nail polish will have a short lifespan at Blackrock.


Anonymous said...

Well, the laundry is the same. And cat food instead of chicken food? As to the fancy mani - Gabby has already destroyed hers and mine is also going. Just had to make it to Saturday night anyway.

What a fun time.


Phoo-D said...

I agree - laundry never changes! It takes a while to catch up from a long trip with a toddler. I'm just beginning to feel like things are back where they belong.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I have decided that I want sheep when I get land (among other things) and I KNOW you say time and again they are stupid, but...I can't help myself.

I want those Southland Babydoll Sheep - 24 inches high and they smile.

Still have to be sheared, though.

That nail polish will have the chipped and matte tone reminiscent of a 13 year old nail biter in no time.