Thursday, March 27, 2014

A.P.D.-- The Vernal Rituals Edition

Spring is really coming now*. I know this because I raked the leaves off the magnolia bed by the dining room door so the small shoots of crocuses can get some sun.

Also, I spent some time cleaning up the front porch, which is currently home to A.'s camping pack, many traps, a bunch of mostly broken fishing poles, and some other miscellaneous crap.

But at least now it's not also covered with loose hay from when A. had bales of hay there to store out of the snow. A small but important improvement.

On Monday it's supposed to be sunny and something like 55 degrees. I have big plans to hand wash my wool sweaters and lay them outside to dry.

Big doings to celebrate spring at Blackrock, obviously.

So what about you, my lovelies? What are some of your spring rituals?

* Yes, I know it's already spring according to the calendar. The calendar can go to . . . well. It's spring when it feels like spring, and this year, March was not spring-like at all. So there.


Anonymous said...

Poop pick-up. Mary in MN

Joan@Debtof Gratitude said...

I've had a few days off and am spring cleaning. Nothing terribly difficult. (I wanted to wash windows inside and out but it's been too cold.) Mostly, I'm just enjoying the escape from the office, email, etc.

Joan@Debtof Gratitude said...

PS: What did you think of the Burpees? We did them at boot camp on Tuesday near THE END of our workout and I didn't have the strength left to do them properly. Boo!

Rose said...

Using a shovel to bail water out of my barn is my "Spring" ritual. The quotes are for sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Wearing clogs without socks. Some places pay attention to ice-out date; I pay attention to socks-off date.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I change our art installation over the fireplace.

Every season gets a new look. We have this giant expanse of wall and walls that are 12-18 feet tall, so we need some sort of something happening up there!

Right now it's an antique quilt, a small collection of Michael Pollan books and some antique brass hurricane lamps from my great grandmother.

(I never said I was good at these installations....)

Daisy said...

I wandered around the house today and made plans, even though there is still snow on my garden and the soil is still frozen. I watched a squirrel bouncing from clear spot to clear spot, avoid snow as much as it could. I can empathize with the small furry creature!