Monday, March 24, 2014

Crying Uncle

It looks like there will be no maple syrup produced at Blackrock this year. Mr. Jason put in about 75 spiles at his property and has been waiting and waiting for the sap to run.

Still waiting.

Okay, so it ran a little bit, but not enough to haul the sap out here and spend a day cozied up to the evaporator. It's not looking like sap weather this week, either, and after that . . . well, April 1 is the opening day for stream fishing here. And there is nothing that gets in the way of Mr. Jason fishing.

Making maple syrup is fun, but it's not as if anyone is going to starve if it doesn't happen. So the terrible season thus far has closed the sugarbush here at Blackrock for the year.

Luckily, we can buy maple syrup by the gallon from nearby producers, so we won't have to do without.

Good thing. A house without maple syrup is a sad place indeed. 

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mountain home said...

Crazy weather here in NC mountains for collecting sap,too. Either the days are too cold or the nights are too warm. We're still getting enough for our our needs plus some to give away, but it's just not spectacular and I wonder if the quality is suffering.