Sunday, March 23, 2014


Cubby is outside with A., using a stick to dig around in the half-frozen dirt in a planter near the door. A. has been splitting wood--stopping occasionally to cough because he's still dealing with the dregs of the interminable cold--and will be splitting wood forever and ever because this is the winter that never ends.

Charlie is wandering around with an apple and an old baby bottle filled with water. The bottle amuses me, because he never used one when he was a baby, so he doesn't really get the whole concept of the nipple part.

The MiL is in the kitchen simmering cranberries for some kind of chicken with cranberries and mushrooms recipe she found and wanted to try. Should be interesting.

As for me . . . I picked up the incredible accumulation of detritus downstairs and dusted today, and then managed to get the stairs and the upstairs vacuumed, so things are looking up. I'm also very much looking forward to the bottle of wine in the refrigerator that I plan to deplete later this evening.

Looking up, indeed. Way up.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Sunday well spent. Mary in MN

Joellen said...

I hope you enjoyed your wine. I think that this winter will never end, also. It has been some really strange weather here. All of the trees are blooming, pollen is everywhere, and it has been up to 77 degrees. Tomorrow night it is supposed to got down to 28. This is not normal.