Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Matters

A. just took the children up to the ram pasture to cut cane poles from the bamboo growing there. He wanted to take them fishing and realized he left his fishing pole in Mr. Jason's boat last week. No worries, kids. We have plenty of fishing line and bamboo. Daddy can fix anything.

When A. comes home (or, more painfully, first wakes up in the morning), it isn't more than five minutes before Cubby is demanding Daddy Monster. Which means the children race hysterically around the house, screaming with laughter, while A. lumbers after them, moaning like a mummy and making ineffectual lunges for them. It's probably the most popular game in our house right now.

A. has a set of boxing gloves from when he took boxing lessons a few years ago. He gives one to Cubby and one to Charlie and they tag team him, boxing one-handed and landing blows with impunity while he yells in mock helplessness and falls to the floor.

The MiL was reading a book a little while ago entitled, Do Fathers Matter? What Science Is Telling Us About the Parent We've Overlooked, by Paul Raeburn. I didn't read the book, because I don't need the science to tell me what is obvious in my own house.

Do fathers matter? Unquestionably.


Sherry said...

Laughed through this post. Every child needs a mother and a father who know how to be good parents - something both of you are experts at.

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Sorry 'bout that. For some reason, my comment was posted twice.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are having a wonderful childhood! Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Even though it's been many, many years, I SO remember those days when "daddy can fix anything." It was a wonderful life, and I'm glad your children are having that experience (and glad their father is, too).

Anonymous said...

Ah, but can A. fix "the coyote?"

He is a great father. And the boys are blessed to have him.


tu mere said...

Guess your dad had best carefully read the post so he can take A.s place while he's gone. Nope, that won't happen, but your dad does have his own granddad moves so that's fun as well!

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

My H does a similar game called "The Good Looking Monster" where he fashions quite the underbite and lumbers after our daughter, growling about this and that.
She LOVES it.
They matter. They matter with us, to our kids, to the world. They just matter ever so much.
However, your H gets points on the DIY front. Ask my H to make a fishing pole and his answer is: "We have grocery stores in which to get fish. Use 'em." Woodchuck man he is NOT!