Friday, October 17, 2014


I totally caved and bought a bag of Reese's Pieces at the grocery store yesterday. This is pretty much my favorite candy in all of the universe and that means that I can't be trusted to eat a reasonable amount.

There's, uh, not a lot of the bag left now. But there's still some. 

Now, when I have a treat that I do not want to share with Cubby--who has unfortunately inherited his mother's love for all sweet things--I kind of hide it in this basket on the baker's rack in the breakfast room. The basket is open and all, but it's high enough up that Cubby can't see in there.

A. can, though. While foraging after dinner last night, he discovered my secret candy bag. He ate some, but it's okay (I guess), because unlike me, he has some control and didn't eat very much.

He did, however, put the bag back on the baker's rack on the shelf. Not in the basket. So it was in plain view of Cubby, whose eagle eye landed on it during lunch today. I was on the opposite side of the table, so I didn't know he could see it until he got a big smile on his face and said, "I know what we're going to have for dessert."

I told him we didn't eat dessert after lunch. He assured me that he knew that, but that he could see what would be for dessert after dinner. "Oh yeah?" says I. "Yeah," he says. "Candy. LOOK!"

Dramatic pointing to the bag of Reese's Pieces on the baker's rack.

He asked me where that candy came from. I said I bought it at the store yesterday. He asked who I bought it for. I said--truthfully--that I bought it for me. At which point he informed me very earnestly that "Best friends share. So you should share, Mommy."

So now I have to. Oh well. I can't say I haven't already eaten my share. Kept on the straight and narrow by my four-year-old.



sheila said...

Sharing is caring. Tell Cubby that when he has his bag of Halloween candy.

Anonymous said...

OR, A. needs instruction on putting things back where they were hidden!

tu mere said...

You're a shining example for all the weight loss gurus in not keeping your favorite high calorie foods in the house. With that said, it's perfectly OK to not share when said foods are rarely purchased and need to be consumed at one's own pace. Been there and still do that, occasionally.

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

Oh, yeah!! I've totally been here. Except with dark chocolate and almond bars from Trader Joes. Parting with the last little bit is actually painful.
We started doing treat after lunch b/c my child cannot handle sweets at night and be trusted with bedtime. She wigs out. Although, the comedic value of watching a 4.5 year old bounce off the walls (literally) is not it's own benefits.

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

*not without it's own benefits. A bit fast with the typing!!

flask said...

this is a formative moment in that boy's life.

best friends share. and best friends tell the truth.

it will pay off later.