Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Good Thing I Got All That Churchin'

I am, like so many others, a lapsed Catholic. But before I lapsed, I was really Catholic. Youth groups, retreat leader, religious education instructor, all that good stuff. None of that now, however, which means that Cubby's religious education has come solely from the MiL and the times he deigns to go to church with her.

But it sure is handy I have that background, otherwise I would have had a hard time figuring this one out:

Cubby: Mom! Charlie can say, "Glory to goddis."

Me: What?

Cubby: Glory to goddis!

Charlie: Gory to godith!

Me: Wait, what? (Totally sounded like " blahblah goddess," but I was pretty sure that's one of the few words Cubby doesn't know.)


Me: Ohhhhh, glory to God in the highest?

Cubby: Yes!

Me: Yeah, that's actually glory. to. God. in. the. highest. "Highest" like high up there.

Cubby: Oh.

Me: And peace to His people on Earth.

Cubby: Yeah.



Anonymous said...

"Gory to Goliath," is what I read. And laughed until I almost dropped my phone. Awesome that years of Catholic school have helped you this much.
I would have said "what?" A lot more just to hear it over and over again...


tu mere said...

Deciphering is definitely a mom thing. Considering the whole "no singing" thing, I'm impressed you were that adept, although you've always been beyond awesome with your ability to remember the words to all songs within an abnormally short hearing span.

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

Hahaha! NICE. The never ending translating that comes from being with young 'uns...