Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ready To Celebrate

Okay, so we're a day early celebrating Jack's month birthday, but when his brothers are absent from the scene and he's awake and not actually eating, we must seize the opportunity to party.

And by "party," I mean . . .

Sheepskin and woodstove bathing? Definitely a Blackrock baby.

We have to wait until his big brothers are out of the picture, because otherwise it goes more like this:

Because a baby on the floor obviously means you must grab his feet or play guitar right over his head.

Just give Jack a few more months--well, give him about 17 more months--and he'll be right there with them, fighting over the guitar and punching in rage at whoever has it. 

So much to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

What fun! And, Jack looks terrific. Mary in MN

Roger A. Post said...

Jack looks like a whopper, more lake trout than shrimp!