Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Officially Over It

There comes a time in each season when I realize I'm really, really ready for it to be over. One sweaty, disgustingly hot day in early September and summer has overstayed its welcome. An excessively muddy, cold-rain day in November when I wish it would just all freeze up already.

And today. Today was the day when I said enough already with winter.

When I walked out the door this morning to take Cubby to preschool, I had my keys and a batch of letters to be mailed in one hand and a big stack of egg cartons to be returned to the Mennonite farm in the other. Thankfully, Jack was staying at home with the MiL this morning.  Thank God, because I got about two feet from the door and totally ate it on the icy path. I'm talking feet straight out from under me, everything went flying, and I landed flat on my ass in the snow.

I lost my keys in the snow drift somewhere, probably not to be recovered until the snow melts. The way this winter is going, that will be sometime in April. I have one more set of keys, which I'd better be really careful not to lose.

I gathered up all the egg cartons and mail and made it to the van, covered in snow and not feeling chipper. The sliding door got jammed in the adjacent wall of hardened snow and I dropped everything AGAIN while trying to get it open. And my own door barely opened wide enough for me to squeeze myself in.

An "F" moment if ever there was one.

So this is it, Old Man Winter, you bastard. Gather up your ice and your snow drifts and vacate the premises, because I am DONE DONE DONE.


tu mere said...

Oh my. Thank God for fall easing snow. May be Jack is a stabilizer as you're so seldom without his weight on your front. Anyway, just glad this was a pick yourself up and not a "I've got to be picked up" experience.

Life's hard, and then there's Blackrock.

Sherry said...

I think everyone is really tired of winter. This has been an unusually harsh winter and it keeps hanging on.

Anonymous said...

We have had very little snow this winter, but it's been cold enough to freeze your eye balls. It will be in the 40s next week, so it should be warmer there soon too. Mary in MN