Friday, May 8, 2015

No More Centipedes in the Bed

Last night as I was putting the older two kids to bed, Cubby noticed a very small house centipede near the ceiling in their room. He asked me if centipedes bite. Well . . .

The actual answer is yes, they can, although they don't usually bite and most of them can't even pierce human skin. Especially not one as tiny as the one in their room. But I didn't want to go into all of that, so I told him he didn't need to worry about it and swept the baby centipede away.

Then this morning at 4:15, A. catapulted from our bed and started stomping on the floor around the bed. He informed me there had been a bug crawling up his leg in bed. I thought he had been dreaming, but I told him to turn on the light and check. And there, racing up his side of the bed, was an inch-long house centipede.


A. killed it immediately.

I don't care how many ants they eat, they are not welcome in my bed. And we shall never, ever speak of this to Cubby.



Anonymous said...

Ooooo. I agree. Insects are fine outside, tolerated occasionally inside or escorted out - but touch me or be in MY BED?! Instant death.



tu mere said...

The part of the story I like to hear is when the womenfolk (that be you) come to the rescue of the menfolk (that be Cubby and A.). I totally agree. Gross, gross, double gross. Really try to stay as far away as possible from long legged crawly things.