Monday, June 29, 2015

In Your Face

Poor Jack. Being the third of three boys is going to be a challenge, for sure. It already is. Mostly because of Charlie.

Jack wants to play on the floor with a toy? Nope, Charlie's there hovering over his head, grabbing the toy, precariously balancing on one foot over Jack's face.

Jack wants to eat his yogurt and prunes? Nope, Charlie's all up in his face, patting his head, poking his legs, kissing his hand.

Mom wants to get a photo of Jack in his special Father's Day "My Daddy Rocks" shirt?


There he is. In Jack's face.

At least Jack gets lots of attention. I guess.


tu mere said...

My goodness. He's gotten so big, and he looks so much like both boys. Keep growing, Jack, the bigger the better. Yeah, middle children are different. Yogurt with prunes? Guess that works for many reasons.

Joellen said...

I love Jack's expression in the second picture. Like, "not you again."

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack! Wait until he starts to talk--and yell at Charlie. Mary in MN