Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Low

I just went outside to find Cubby playing some camping game on the porch, with Charlie nowhere in sight. I walked around the corner of the house and came upon Charlie waddling away from the patio by the dining room door with his pants around his ankles.

"What are you doing, Charlie?" I say with justifiable suspicion.

"Nothing," he says in a way that would arouse any half-witted mother's direst forebodings.

"Did you just pee?"

"No." Still with that tone of voice that lets me know he is surely lying and definitely did something naughty.

I look past him and see Cubby's rubber boots by the door.

"Charlie, did you pee in Cubby's boots!?"

"Noooo." This time with a smile.

Of course he had. OF COURSE.

I really, truly, and honestly don't even know what to do with these boys sometimes. I mean, WHY? Why pee in the boot with the whole outdoors at your disposal?

The Y chromosomes running rampant in my house will destroy me in the end.


Anonymous said...

Was this punishment for something that Cubby had done to Charlie perhaps? Real or imagined slight? Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Who knows? Could be a reason. Could just be Charlie being Charlie.

sheila said...

Let the pranks and high jinx begin. 3 boys, wow sit back and enjoy the ride, this is going to be entertaining!

tu mere said...

You wonder about the thought process before the actual act. Charlie obviously hadn't seen anyone peeing in a boot before, I'm assuming, so I guess you could say he's creative, but then creative in only a way male boys can be creative. So glad your brother had y'all two sisters to mute that creativity. Guess you had some shoe cleaning to do.

Anonymous said...

I guess that you could suggest that Cubby pee in Charlie's boots, but that's not a good correction, I guess.