Thursday, July 9, 2015

Aaaand, Break!

After three straight days of activities for children--swimming in the village, soccer, and a play yesterday--this abnormally introverted mother is rebelling. I refuse to load the children into the minivan today for any sort of summer fun. We are not leaving the property. I won't even put shoes on them.

Because I'm the mom, and I say so. Sorry, kids*.

* Truthfully, my children seem almost as content whacking plants with sticks as they do going places to do things. Cubby, however, is getting old enough that he wants to be around more kids and do more things, so I'm making an effort to get him to stuff. Still, today it's sticks at home, because I find all this running around exhausting and ultimately, I'm the one with the car keys.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable to protect your time somewhat, given that you will soon be coordinating the away-from-home activities of three boys. Mary in MN