Friday, July 24, 2015

Theology by Cubby

I will preface this story by informing you that though I was raised Catholic and was very active in the Catholic church through college, I am not now. At best, I could be considered a dispassionate agnostic. The MiL sometimes takes Cubby and Charlie to her Presbyterian church, but that's the extent of their religious exposure.

Which is why the following conversation was a little surprising. It started when I wouldn't let Cubby put the couch pillows on the filthy floor to "camp" inside.

Cubby (in a very petulant tone): Daddy lets me.

Me: Well, Daddy isn't here. I'm in charge, and I say no.

Cubby (still petulant): Well the Lord says yes. Jesus Christ says yes.

Me: Jesus Christ has nothing to do with pillows.

Cubby: He has to do with everything. He made the world.

Me: Right. And He gave us free will to make choices, and I choose not to put the couch cushions on the floor.

Cubby: But He forgives us if we do something wrong.

Me: Yes. But it's best not to do anything wrong that requires forgiveness. So don't put the couch cushions on the floor.

Cubby: Hmmph.

And then he flounced off.

Jesus and I both love him, but I make the rules. So there.


Sherry said...

OMG! I am trying not to laugh out loud seeing as how I am at work! But this conversation was just too funny! Just wait till he is a teenager, his debating skills will go through the roof!!!

tu mere said...

You handled the discussion like a real pro. Obviously, Cubby is absorbing everything he hears from everywhere and locking it away to use to his best advantage. Very smart boy; smarter mother.

sheila said...

Budding attorney, already has the debating skills to argue any point to the bitter end.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment--when he is a teenager I can just hear him negotiating access to the car. Mary in MN