Thursday, August 6, 2015

School Days

This morning the whole crew is taking Cubby in to the doctor so he can get a physical before school starts next month.

If the stars align with Jack's random-these-days naptime, we'll also get Cubby's school supplies while we're in the Small City.

I called the school district on Monday about signing him up for the bus.

I bought two pairs of jeans, two turtlenecks, and two sweaters for him on Tuesday*.

It seems I have a school-age child in my house.  That sound you hear? That's my mind being blown.

* From, a site I had never heard of before, but it has a huge selection of used clothes and an easy-to-use format. Since I can never get to the thrift store anymore (or rather, do not want to go to the thrift store with three kids under six) and I am sure as hell not going to pay $20 for a pair of jeans that he will wear for six months before growing out of or destroying, I was very pleased to find this site. (No, no affiliation or sponsorship from them. As always.)


tu mere said...

Sounds like a great place to shop, but no hand me downs for Charlie, not that Charlie really cares. Be happy sizes still pretty much work for the boys. Was out scooting around the mall for over two hours with your 13 year old niece this week looking for school clothes. Shirts, OK. Jeans, not a single pair that fit, and only one pair of shorts. Depressing for all, especially for your sister who now has to find appropriate attire the week before school starts.

I'm sure you'll have a traumatic, tearful, first day of school experience to look forward to with Cubby - or not. That's a very good thing, and you've chalked up another first in your motherhood time line. Celebrate!

Anonymous said...

But think about all the stories that Cubby will come home to share with you! Mary in MN

flask said...

kristin, you are one of my favorite internet people-i-don't-really-know, and your children are my favorite internet children. i have been following your story for a long time.

and i look forward to what happens next, and i am a little afraid, too.

school is not going to be kind to cubby.

they're going to try to tell him he's too loud, too pushy, too aggressive, not attentive enough, not able enough to sit still.

they're going to try to tell YOU that stuff.

and if you are not careful, some of that will stick.

there is NOTHING wrong with your kid. he is smart and active and the schools are really designed for kids who aren't too smart, don't ask too many questions, follow rules for rule's sake, and sit still compliantly.

i know kids a little. i know schools a lot. i spent a whole career teaching in schools. i did my junior student teaching in a school in a small city near you.

and sooner or later cubby is going to fall on the wrong side of somebody's need for order.

so i'm going to give you unsolicited advice: when you get that first call or note, maybe before, have a chat with the lad and explain to him the two conflicting things: the AWESOME POWERHOUSE that is him and the not unreasonable need of the teacher to maintain some kind of order.

i want to tell you ahead of time, because even if you KNOW it, when it happens some of that can stick to you. or him. and sometimes hearing it from an external source helps you to remember what's what.

you're awesome. your kid is awesome. good luck with school. and the bus.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Thank you, Flask. For many of those reasons, we decided to send him--at least initially--to a very small, very progressive school with a lot of tolerance for different personalities and learning styles. It also happens to be have been founded and is still run by Cubby's great-aunt.

We're very lucky it's an option for him. I'm sure there will still be a period of adjustment for him, knowing the kind of kid he is, but it will be much less painful at this school than the public school.

We hope, anyway.