Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Like the Brady Bunch, but with Turkeys

We got a delivery of heating oil today, our first of the season, and Charlie wanted to go out to see the truck. He of course said hi to the driver when the man started to pump out the oil, and that is when I discovered our oil delivery man is exceedingly loquacious.

I learned the following things about him: He lives on a very windy hill overlooking a lake that is not very near to ours. He has chickens, turkeys, goats, and cows. One of the cows--name of Lola--escapes every morning and comes to the back door to say hello. He takes the turkeys to some processing place kind of far away where they do all the butchering and plucking and all for only three dollars a bird.

And he and his second wife have, between them, nine children. Four boys, five girls, and the oldest is nineteen years old.

Can you imagine the scene at that house? Children, poultry, goats, and cows all over the place? Craziness. But extremely entertaining, no doubt.

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