Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Flip Side of the Coin

Sometimes my children are real jerks--as are all children on occassion--and they say really jerky things. Please see Exhibit A.

But then there are moments like this morning when I dropped Cubby off at school. I picked him up for a hug, as I always do (though this is getting increasingly difficult as he grows ever larger). He wrapped himself around me and said, "I want to stay near your heart forever."

You will, my love. Forever.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good job, Cubby! Mary in MN

sheila said...


the answer to both types of days from your kids is to say, "I love you too"

Anonymous said...

I think Cubby is going to be a writer, a poet. He says the loveliest things sometimes.

tu mere mere said...

Sounds like a Hallmark card comment. Where does he come up with these things; lovely, by totally unique to Cubby. Charlie's next, although he does let you know he still misses you at school. See, dad's don't always get all the love!