Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Futility of Fall

I spent about twenty minutes raking the lawn right outside the dining room door before going to pick up Charlie from preschool.

Sadly, this is the "after" picture, though I know it looks more like most people's "before." And I've already raked this lawn twice in the past week.

This is the pile I raked up in those twenty minutes.

And this is what was still above me. Curses.

So pretty. So much work. Must be fall at Blackrock.


Anonymous said...

I read three gardening articles yesterday saying to just mow your leaves and leave them. They even said to leave them in the flower beds.

Anonymous said...

We never rake and we have a lot of trees. Each Spring the grass comes up just fine even though it's never been cleared. I'd leave them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe why forests do so well. :)

An article from the National Wildlife Federation on why you should not rake.

tu mere mere said...

Could you make sure a few stay on the trees so we can appreciate the colors? Promise I'll rake after they fall.