Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Daunting Calculation

This morning as Charlie was helping me hang clothes on our new clothesline, he noted that there were a lot of socks to hang up. I explained that there are five people in our family, each with two feet, which means that in one day, if it's cold enough that we're all wearing socks, we use ten socks. And in one week, which is seven days, our family would use 70 socks.

Wow, he said. That's a lot of socks, he said.

Indeed. No wonder it feels as if the laundry is never-ending.


tu mere said...

Your sock drawers must be amazing. Add that to all your other clothes, and I'd think you might have a bit of a "where to put everything" problem in the new house. Hope you're acquired a good washer and dryer, although I think they wouldn't compare to what you have in Blackrock.

Daisy said...

A never-ending cycle, indeed. Maybe if your boys went barefoot more often - no, let's not even start that discussion. The consequences are... well, let's not go there.