Friday, October 17, 2008


Today, I am Bob Barker* (NOT Drew Cary, because that ain't right) and you are all contestants on the Going Country edition of The Price Is Right. I KNOW--how exciting is this? It's always a party at G.C.!

So here's the deal. Yesterday I went to the farmers market in The Small City, where I purchased bell peppers. A lot of bell peppers.

This is a peck of unpickled peppers. Peter Piper had nothing to do with the picking.

That right there is an actual, honest-to-God peck, which is a quarter of a bushel. There are 25 peppers there, but I didn't weigh them all. They are all "seconds," meaning they have some kind of small blemish or deformity that does not affect their taste, but makes shallow and prissy people afraid to use them. Because I am neither shallow nor prissy, and because seconds are always cheaper, I actively seek them out. I always buy a peck in the fall to freeze and use over the winter.

And now, let's play THE PRICE IS RIGHT!! (WHOOOO!) In the comments, everyone take a guess as to how much that entire peck of peppers cost me, to the cent. Whoever gets closest to the actual price, without going over, wins. And you'll win . . . um . . . I'll announce the winner right here. USING MANY CAPS! And lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!! And I'll link to your blog.

Okay, so the "prize" is lame. Just play for the love of the game, okay?


* Remember that scene in "Happy Gilmore" where Happy and Bob have a fight and Bob kicks the shit out of Happy? And then Bob says, "The price is WRONG, bitch!" That pretty much cemented my love for Bob Barker.

Update: Oh, wait! No! It's HAPPY who says, "The price is WRONG, bitch," and then later, when Bob finishes him off, then BOB says, "Now you've had enough. Bitch." Oops. The important point here though is that Bob Barker said "bitch." That's comedy gold, right there.


Leslie said...

I'll go with $17.57, Bob. Go big or go home - that's what I say.

SaraPMcC said...

I'll only guess if you write everyone's names and "the price is WRONG, bitch!" next to every wrong answer.

And I'll guess $1! Because that's how The Price is Right is played, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Dangit! Sarapmcc beat me to it! I'm going with $12.50. But before I made my guess, you should know I ran down the aisle to contestants' row with my bosoms bouncing everywhere.

Allison said...

I will say $8.50! Because I have no idea what peppers cost anywhere, let alone in your neck of the woods, so a random guess it is.

Anonymous said...

I say $6.50 for a peck of peppers!

Sweet Bird said...

Bob Barker's a pimp.

And I'm guessing $4.75.

rls said...


And... is that a can of pears I see just edging its way out of the pepper photo?

MeadowLark said...

Because THAT'S how the Price is Right is played, biotch!!! :)

Actually, I really just came over to beg for assistance. I'm asking for Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes at my place, so if you or anyone you know has some suggestions, please stop by my place. Thanks.

(Sorry Sarapmcc, but I'm sure someone will do it to me, too!)

scmtngirl said...

I'll go with $7.26. I have a dog named Bob Barker. No, we did not name him that ourselves, and yes, he kinda looks like Bob Barker.

FinnyKnits said...


I don't know why.

Also, thank you for answering my question about the peck.



Anonymous said...

Sheila Z

Word verification for this posting is dilrlo. Quick glance at the fancy script made it look like the r and l combined to make a d. That just isn't right. lol

cndymkr / jean said...

I think they should have canceled the Price if Right after Bob Barker left. It just isn't the same without him.

Anyway, I'm going to guess $20? Which is alot more then the others guessed. Hmm, I guess picking peppers should be left to Peter.

inadvertentfarmer said...

Hmmm if I was selling those I think I would ask $8.00.

I once bought peppers to preserve for winter. Didn't freeze them though but put them in the dehydrator...with onions. Then being a dehydrator virgin I proceeded to turn the sucker on at my kitchen. The next morning the aroma was so overwhelming it actually made hubby gag (he hates peppers), lol! Lesson learned, dehydrate peppers and onions in the garage!

No longer a dehydrator virgin...does that make me a dehydrator whore?

Meadowlark I'm a veggie and will get out my best tofu recipes and meet you over at your place!

Julie said...

I'm guessing $6.00.
Just 'cause

Anonymous said...

I am guessing $3.00. I'm Col.