Monday, December 16, 2013

A Snowy Celebration

Birthdays are all about doing what the birthday person wants to do. So when I saw that the forecast on A.'s birthday called for cold temperatures and many inches of snow, I arranged a special outing for his birthday.


We went snowshoeing in a forest preserve in the hills about an hour from us. There was even more snow there, plus a big pine plantation to block the wind, which is what made the 19-degree temperature bearable.

I was there, too.

I'm wearing the MiL's snowshoes. I do not own snowshoes, not being a really big proponent of voluntarily leaving the woodstove in such conditions.

So we shoed.

And it was achingly wholesome.

We only snowshoed for about ten minutes--which is quite long enough for a three-year-old's legs--before leaving the path and going a little ways into the woods to light a fire.

And when I say "we," I of course mean A., with Charlie's supervision.

We released Charlie from the pack in which he had been hanging out quite happily. 

He was not quite so happy standing on his own tiny feet in eight inches of snow, but he was brave.

Cubby, on the other hand, was very happy. He suggested we go home to get the Pack 'n' Play for Charlie so we could all camp out there. An interesting suggestion, but no.

Then Charlie soiled himself, so we had to go back to the car, where he got changed in the unheated back of the Subaru and cleaned up with literally frozen wipes.

I'm sorry, Charlie. This is life with the Family Blackrock.

It was a good time anyway, though. And a perfect way to celebrate A.'s birthday.


Sherry said...

A fun outing! Enjoyed the pictures.

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

You need this for Christmas:

I didn't know such things existed until someone got us one for home.

flask said...

i think it's best for charlie to get used to things that are frozen.

seems like an important part of the family culture.

and if he's going to survive cubby, he'll need to be extra tough.

Karen B. @ Making Shift said...

Bwahahaa! I'm still laughing about the wipes. Poor Charlie. But I'm sure that it built character.

FinnyKnits said...

A belated Happy Birthday to A. and a Sorry Charlie to your frozen assed child. Hilarious.