Thursday, March 19, 2015

Doing It All

Yesterday I discovered that I can rescue the maple syrup/sugar*; prepare the corned beef brine; make coleslaw, cornbread, and barbecued beef for dinner**; do two rounds of dishes; and clean the dining room all in one day while also keeping the children alive and fed. But I cannot do all of that and exercise too, apparently.

There just aren't enough nap minutes in the day.

* In case you need this information in the future . . . I added some of the not-yet-boiled sap, plus a little more hot water, to the sugary syrup until the boiling syrup got to 220 degrees. And now I think I will always just use the damn thermometer to start with. Lesson learned.

** With homemade barbecue sauce, no less, because I was trying to use up the last of some sauerbraten brine, which turns out to be perfect for making barbecue sauce. Something to keep in mind next time you have some sauerbraten brine hanging around.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly you have recovered from that bout of so-called "laziness" you referred to the other day. Did you reach the point of collapse after doing all of that work? Good grief....