Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Polar Bear Weather

Jack is celebrating his three-month birthday today. And how is he celebrating? By donning the Cubby Suit (which later became the Charlie Suit) to protect him from the Definitely-Not-Spring weather.

He's thrilled, as you can tell.

Cubby thought this was a sheep suit. When I told him it was a bear suit, he said, "So why is it white?" Ever quick on my mental feet, I told him it was a polar bear suit. So Jack is a polar bear cub today. This is very amusing to the older children.

There was a serious snow squall going on when I hauled all three kids out to get to preschool.

Like this, only snowier.

Because I am perpetually unprepared when it comes to a blanket to drape over the car seat, Jack got a little snow on his face. He accepted that indignity with his customary good humor, however, not even crying when the snow flakes landed on his little cheeks. Blankets always fall down over his face anyway, so maybe the snow is less annoying than that. 

Or maybe I'm just justifying my own laziness. Probably that.

1 comment:

tu mere said...

Oh my. That picture of the great outdoors does not look pleasant at all. However, your and Jack's picture is totally awesome. Absolutely love the bear outfit.

I'm guessing a bit of snow in the face is the least of Jack's worries, considering what he has to put up with on a daily basis from this two brothers.