Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Eggs

My egg-eating evolution has gone from not eating eggs at all when I was young, to only eating scrambled eggs with ketchup (a marginal improvement), to eating hard-boiled eggs with butter, to eating eggs fried in butter (still with a hard center, though--deliver me from runny egg yolks), to only wanting eggs fried in bacon fat. And not just any bacon fat, either. Good bacon fat.

So basically, I started out picky about eggs and haven't really changed.

The problem with only really liking eggs cooked in bacon fat is that you have to have the bacon first. And I don't really dig bacon all that much. I mean, I'll eat a piece if it's there (and it's worthwhile bacon, which is not the case with most bacon), but I don't want to eat bacon every time I want to eat eggs.

I know. Weird.


On the occasions when I did cook bacon, I would have a happy couple of days following when I would have bacon fat to cook my eggs in. But the bacon just didn't make that much fat, so it didn't last that long.

You know what bacon does make a lot of bacon fat, though? The bacon from a Large Black Hog. This breed was one of the breeds of so-called "lard pigs," which means they were raised for their nice layer of fat.

We picked up the bacon from the MiL's pig this weekend and I cooked five pieces of it on Sunday morning. From those five pieces of bacon, I got enough fat to cook our eggs that morning, plus an extra half cup of fat.

That's a lot of fried eggs.

So now I anticipate always having a nice big bowl of bacon fat for cooking my eggs. And that makes me happier than I ever would have thought possible.


Anonymous said...

Although Dad is flipping out right now - I also love eggs fried in bacon - and enjoyed mine yesterday! But I like the bacon too....

Daisy said...

Sounds delicious!