Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Creative Weaponry

If you've spent any time around the mother of small boys, you will no doubt have heard her complain that her male children can turn anything into a weapon.

And I do mean anything.

To me (and to my mother, who gave it to us), this looks like two pieces to a foam boat that can all be pegged together and floated in the bath.

To my boy children, it looks like "bills," an imaginary animal that uses their hooked ends to battle each other. If that makes perfect sense to you, you are probably a man.

To me (and again to my mother, who again gave this to us), this looks like a pretty cool wooden rattlesnake.

To my boy children, it looks like a whip for whacking your brother. Obviously.

We also have this electronic toy guitar that my sister gave us that just recently has been discovered to be a perfect rifle. It even has this lever on it that when flicked makes an electric guitar noise OR, if you are my sons, the exact noise the laser guns make on He-Man. It's about the most annoying thing ever.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea. It doesn't matter what you give them, they will find a way to weaponize it. 

At least they're creative. I guess.


Anonymous said...


I wonder what little girls would do with each of those toys?

tu mere said...

That's what you get for not allowing them to have "real" weapon toys. Obviously, it's all your fault, as with everything.

If you read this "Anonymous" the answer is: Use as it's intended, as a boat, in the bathtub; stay totally clear of the snake toy because it looks like a snake and what child in their right mind would want to play with a snake. First hand knowledge from two girl grandchildren about the same age who actually had the boat and saw the snake. Yep, in some specific situations, boys and girls are definitely different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, tu mere. Little kids are the most interesting thing ever!

Anonymous said...

I saw something else with the foam boats.... And here is a link I figure they are highly illegal up where you all live, but it is till what I saw! Sister's Sailor