Saturday, July 18, 2015

Failure and Redemption

Yesterday afternoon, one of our visitors announced her intention of getting all the makings for s'mores and Cubby said, "What's a s'mores?"

WHAT? My child doesn't know what s'mores are? What kind of mother am I that he's more than five years old and has never had a s'more?

Needless to say, we are remedying this grievous oversight tonight. And I will be eating one myself, of course.

This morning, I took Cubby to soccer practice. It was still pretty early, but HOLY GOD was it HOT out there. The sun was blazing away and it was incredibly humid thanks to the earlier thunderstorm. All the kids were running around dripping sweat and . . . I forgot to bring the water bottle.

Yes. Mother of the Year.

I made up for it--I hope--by making Cubby a really big glass of peach lemonade when we got home.

Plus, he's having s'mores tonight, which is way better than water.

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tu mere said...

Y'all should set up a Mom's treat schedule to provide liquid and snacks (remember those days) - not. I'm assuming fresh peaches went into that lemonade - yum. The s'mores couldn't help but being a great hit, which means you'll now have to have graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate on hand for special happenings. However, bonfires are a bit much in the summer heat/humidity; fall sounds a lot better.