Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Might Never Top This

For some months now, Cubby has had two often-repeated desires: To run in a race, and to be in a play. He did both yesterday, and they were just as exciting as he expected.

The run was a one-mile fun run that takes place every year as part of the village festival. A. took one for the team and ran with him, even though A. hasn't run a mile in a decade and his running shoes (in which he never actually runs) are coming apart at the soles.

A. coached Cubby on how to pace himself so he didn't tire out too quickly. Cubby walked for ten seconds (literally--that's how long A. told him he could walk, so that's how long he walked), but otherwise ran the whole way. He takes direction well, that Cubby.

Next we should probably work his form, which rather resembled a marionette. But a determined marionette!

Cubby was sure he would win a prize. If there were a prize for fastest five-year-old, I think he would have. Unfortunately, his category was ten years old and under, so of course the top three were all ten years old. A., however, won second place for men between 30 and 39 years old. That is, men running with their kids. We told Cubby that the ribbon was really for him, since he kept up with Daddy. He was thrilled.

After a break at home so the kids could rest and A. could mow the lawns, we went back to the village to see a play that was being put on right on the field where the festival was held. A local summer stock company did a kind of mash-up of fairy tales. 

Charlie wouldn't leave the bounce house, so A. stayed there with him. Jack was asleep in his stroller, which I parked in the shade. Cubby really wanted to see the play, so I stationed him in the front row of chairs and went back to where Jack was parked. I could hear the play and kind of see it from afar, but I wasn't really watching. Until, in the middle of "Cinderella," I heard one of the actors saying something about "Prince Cubby," and there was Cubby in a red cloak and crown going up on stage.

Wait, what?

So then I had to sprint over to the stage with my camera, leaving Jack sleeping by himself (I could still see him, so it was okay), to get a photo. Unfortunately, my camera was on some kind of setting that totally washed everything out in the blazing sun. The MiL was also there, though, and she took a photo with her phone. So that's all I got.

The wolf (as in Red Riding Hood) directed him. Once again, Cubby takes direction well.

He needs to work on projecting, but otherwise did very well for his stage debut.

A day for dreams to come true, apparently. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story of an exciting day. Prince Cubby's life certainly is changing! It's very fun to read about.

Sherry said...

Cubby won't be able to sleep tonight from all the excitement!!!