Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Okay, now THIS is what I've been envisioning with school starting: Cubby and Charlie at school and Jack sleeping. Really sleeping this time, not just pretending for fifteen minutes before crushing my hopes of quiet with desperate wailing.

That was yesterday. The desperate wailing was because he has a cold. The wailing continued all day yesterday and last night, but he's better this morning. And napping.


So how was Charlie's first day? He used the rotary egg beater in the sand table and made pancakes out of Play-doh. When I picked him up, they were out on the playground and he was coloring with chalk.

All was cool.

Dinner last night was a single-adult affair, just me and the children. Not my favorite, as you may recall, but it turned out to be quite amusing, because conversation between Charlie and Cubby went like this:

"The rule at my school is that you can't pick up ANY sticks on the playground. Not even a TWIG."

That was Cubby.

"The rule at my school is NO THROWING."

That was Charlie.

"The rule at my school is you don't have to ask to go to the bathroom." Cubby again.

"The rule at my school is you can't leave the playroom." Charlie again.

And so on and on and on. We are all now fully briefed on every rule at every school.

Now let's just hope they follow them.

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tu mere said...

Charlie is so lucky to have rule directed Cubby as a brother. With that type of discussion, seems likely all rules will be obeyed. Lovely! Guess with two brothers in school, Jack will be exposed to every sickness inducing entity that can be found in a kids world. At least he will have a strong immune system.