Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And He's Off

Was Charlie nervous about starting preschool today? Was he quiet, anxious, a little bit timid?

HAAAAA. I kill myself.

The force that is Charlie will not be stopped.

Jack and I ushered Charlie into the playroom at the preschool--where he immediately made a beeline for the sand table and barely acknowledged my good-bye--wished his teacher luck (I sincerely hope she won't need it), and left. 

And then when we got home, Jack seemed really tired again, so I put him down for a nap.

So. One kid at big-kid school, one kid at preschool, one kid sleeping. I shall celebrate by cleaning my bathroom.

Peace out.

Edited to add: Jack woke up ten minutes after I posted this. I only got the tub and the sink cleaned. Oh well. Better than nothing.


sheila said...

Use that quiet time to kick back and read a book or something. Don't waste it cleaning!

tu mere said...

A very brief glimpse into a less child centered existence. May be more sleep time would be a better life change. All in good time, but never soon enough.

Yep, Charlie is so ready for his time away from home. He's also not lacking experience in the whole pre school thing. Let's hope he shares with others.

Anonymous said...

Yay for mostly healthy children! Glad they didn't all get the preschool plague.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to read how the first day of preschool went. For Charlie and for you.