Friday, September 2, 2016

Things To Love

It's fresh salsa season! Whee! 

Pass the chips.

Now, I am of the firm opinion that salsa must be diced finely so you don't end up with enormous chunks of peppers or, God forbid, onion on your chip. And to do that dicing, you must have a large cutting board so the various ingredients aren't falling off the edge of the cutting board.

So annoying. Good thing my dad made me that nice big cutting board there.

Another thing to love? A. has started carving me kitchen utensils out of birch wood.

This shape would not have occurred to me to request, but it's amazingly useful for scraping the bottom of pots.

My next request is a very sturdy spoon for mixing up bread dough. I already broke one of the cheap, flimsy wooden spoons that were already in the house. Oops. A.'s on it, though.

Happy beginning of the holiday weekend, my lovelies! My plans include chips and salsa and a Sidecar. I hope your weekend is similarly exciting. (And if those plans don't sound exciting to you, well, then you're obviously not in constant company with three small boys day in and day out. It tends to lower the standards for excitement.)

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tu mere said...

And A. is available to carry part of the entertain boys load. That in and of itself is reason to celebrate. Happy holiday weekend!
Thanks to you, my plans include a sidecar as well.