Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just Me?

Anyone else feel a great sense of calm and contentment after a trip to the library results in half a dozen books to read? I always feel anxious when I don't have new books on hand. Not that I don't have my own books, of course, but I've read all those so many times that if I run out of new books, I'll pick up one of my old ones just to read something, knowing I can abandon it halfway through if I get new books before I finish it.

Of course, of the six books I got at the library today, I may only like and actually finish one or two, but there's always the exciting possibility of a 100% success rate in that bag. I could have hours of good entertainment, all for free.

Also, two new DVDs for the kids, which means they are currently completely quiet and content as they watch "Peppa Pig." Happiness all around, and all thanks to the public library.



mil said...

Peppa Pig is Sonja's favorite--so they can commune with their cousin while watching--
Speaking of books, I just finished a mystery with a superfluous murder. Totally not necessary, and such a damning indication that the writer did not know what she would do with the character in subsequent books in the series. She's off my list.

Becky said...

Oh--I agree that a bag of "new" books, DVDs, and CDs from the library is one of the biggest pleasures of life--and this even though I was a librarian for 35 years and brought home books all time. I have had the same glorious anticipation since I was a child and could check out 10 books on each trip. Hope all 6 are winners and that your new library has a good selection.

tu mere said...

I've got my favorite author list next to the computer to see what the library has for me today. Same as you, only like books from the library (yep, that free thing), and, since I'm a mystery person, that means first read, unless I can't remember who done it.

Peppa Pig. Yep, seen probably a hundred of those with the Phoenix crew. May be the kids will start talking like they're from England - very refined.