Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Looking at You

I think this blog, like most, has a lot of lurkers. Lurkers are people who read regularly, but never comment. BUT I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. I CAN HEAR YOU BREATHING.

Some people find it intimidating, for whatever reason, to comment on a blog. But I'm going to give you an easy way to de-lurk. I know you have questions, maybe even burning ones, about some of the things you've been reading about. Or maybe you would like to hear more about something in particular: sheep, gardens, A., my fantastic fashion sense? So if you have a question about me, about A., about the animals, about ANYTHING AT ALL, or if you have any requests, just drop on in to the comments section and let me know. Or share a story, make a joke, tell me how much you love me, whatever. Let's make this one of those "online communities" I always read about, but am never a part of. I promise to answer all questions (all two of them, which I'm guessing is about how many I'll get) and honor all requests. Within reason, of course.

I want to see some love, because I'm all about the love. Unless you don't de-lurk, in which case, no love for you.


SaraPMcC said...

I LOVE YOU! How about posting a photo of yourself instead of just photos of sheep? Or maybe a photo of you with a sheep? And why don't you have any cows?

The Barber Bunch said...

I vote for a photo too!!

My Question....How big of a garden do you put out and what all do you plant?

Great Post.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I was not lurking on purpose, but only because my internet access at work was acting goofy...here's my question: How in the name of Christopher Cross do you manage not to get attached to all those adorable freaking animals that you...uh...sometimes have to EAT?

plot_thickens said...

Could you do more posts about why you love where you live & how you live, if you like your current situation, if you love living with A. (who you have quoted only saying quietly derogatory things) (you're so cool he's got to be cool too), how you came to be in the family, how you feel about being away from your family, all that stuff?

Cuz, and I know this is stupid, but I worry about you. And sometimes you don't seem too happy at all.