Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On This Day in History . . .

Did you ever look at that page on The New York Times website? It's very entertaining, but I think today I need to lodge a complaint, because they obviously neglected to include a very important person in their birthdays section.

Today is the MiL's birthday. We'll sing later, but first, let's see what other historic events coincide with her glorious day of birth (besides Income Tax Filing Day, which is kind of a buzzkill):

1) In 1912, the Titanic sank. A tragedy of epic proportions, of course, but only made more tragic by the horror of the movie with Leo and Kate. Luckily, the heart will go on.

2) In 1947, Jackie Robinson integrated baseball with his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. AND, he didn't have to submit to the indignity of a drug test to do it. It's just so . . . quaint, isn't it?

3) In 1951, Heloise was born. She's been hinting for many years about how slovenly and clueless most housekeepers are. Wouldn't you just love to wander around that smug woman's house and point out HER inadequacies? No? That's just me? Okay, moving on.

4) In 1998, Pol Pot died. This is a cause for celebration almost as great as the event of the MiL's birth. If you don't know who he was, go look him up. Do I have to explain everything?

5) In 2008, Kristin will be cooking prime rib for the very first time tonight for the celebratory dinner. There will be non-family members present if I manage to ruin a $50 chunk of meat, so keep me in your prayers.

Okay, NOW we can sing!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday MiLllllll
Happy birthday to you!
(and many mooooore)


The Barber Bunch said...

Happy Birthday, MIL!!!

Good luck with the Roast. The only advise I have is Low and Slow.


SaraPMcC said...

I did the same thing on my blog for my mother's birthday, except I included that day in Beatles history, of course (which you can find for MIL here: Yesterday in Beatles history). I hope she had a great birthday! How was dinner?

Kristin said...

Well, I didn't actually RUIN the prime rib, which I was afraid I'd do by overcooking. Instead, the damned thing was so big (too big for my 11-pound-maximum food scale to measure) that even though it sat on the counter for like 36 HOURS to thaw, it was still frozen in the middle. So the very center part was raw when the rest was done. Fabulous. But we cut the slices and then just quickly seared them in a pan, so it was salvagable. Bah.