Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lowlights and Highlights

Lowlights of the long weekend:

1) Sorting through gardening stuff in the barn and inhaling pesticides.

2) Using an entire tub of spackle on the bedroom walls, then sanding said spackle and inhaling the dust.

3) Giving my dog a bath for the first time since, oh, last August. Dirty dog.

4) Clogging our bathroom sink drain with an oil-based primer paint. (Note: Oil-based primer does not wash off with water.) (Also note: Kristin is a moron sometimes.)

5) Running out of paint halfway through painting the bedroom ceiling. Beyond irritating.

6) Finding more than one white hair at my temples. I am old, I am old. I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled. (ENGLISH NERD ALERT!)

Highlights of the long weekend:

1) Sleeping downstairs because of the painting, where it's cooler and the drapes shut out all the light. Hate sun.

2) Dinner Sunday night--grilled porterhouse steaks, German potato salad, green salad from the garden. YUM.

3) Managing to enlist A.'s help in The Spackle Job from Hell.

4) Seeing the first little potato leaves peeking out of the ground.

5) Finally sinking the garden gate post in concrete and buying hinges so we can have a proper gate attachment, instead of the current ghetto gate tied on with clothesline.

6) Perry's chocolate panda paws ice cream. Best ice cream ever. EVER.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Highlights of my weekend:
1) Not working.
2) Drinking wine & hanging out with friends.

1) Getting sunburn on my scalp; having hair appointment tonight.
2) Having boob grabbed by elderly man at cookout (and believe me, although this gave me a fleeting moment of "I STILL GOT IT!" it was mostly creepy.

mil said...

Oh, wait. Is it better than the semi-mythical "Piece of Chocolate Cake" (quite different from the common "Piece of Cake", for those of you who don't track Perry's flavors as carefully as we do)?

tu mere said...

Highlight: Planning our Alaska shore excursions.
Lowlight: Getting emails back that we can't do/schedule our current plan.
Highlight: Figuring out other ways that we can still do what we want -yeh!

Comment on your prep/painting - arn't you now glad that you were forced to paint your own bedroom in Tucson. You never know when the experience of things you hated to do before will come back to help/haunt you.

Krysta said...

highlights... wish i had your dinner...

lowlights... none... or at least not as bad as yours!

Just wandering through said...

Highlight: Putting in a garden, from start to finish.

Lowlight: Being rained on during entire garden thing above

And on the oil paint, you're not really alone. We found out that acrylic paint (just wash it out with soap and water!) actually can clog up a drain field. As in the one underneath our basement. Where our washing machine drains. drained. and had drained since 1959 without a single problem until we bought the place 5 years ago. Oops.

SaraPMcC said...

Highlights of the long weekend:

1) Sleeping late one more day!

2) Not having much to do, so it was really a day off (usually traveling on these weekends).

3) Remembering to buy cilantro; it was delicious in my burrito.

4) Finally watching Michael Clayton; anything with George Clooney is a highlight!

Lowlights of the long weekend:

1) My sister still hasn't given birth.

2) I had to tell a friend that I can't attend her wedding this weekend (long story, all bad).

3) It ended.

Roger A. Post said...

Has anyone reprimanded you for not using a more eco-friendly method of paint disposal than pouring it into a drain or was the clog sufficiently instructive? Paint and solvent wastes should be placed in a container and taken to a designated haz waste disposal facility. At least where I live, there are periodic free collection days for such materials at the landfill.

Kristin said...

Well Roger, I guess YOU just reprimanded me. But in my defense, I was not pouring the paint directly into the drain (even I'm not THAT stupid), I was trying to wash my brush out. Not much paint came off the brush, but enough did to clog the tiny drain in our sink. It never drained very well anyway, so I can use this as an opportunity to take the thing apart and clean it out.

Ms Picket To You said...


Not having Roger at my house plus duo b-day parties for husband and kid.


Hangover. 'Nuff said.

Drew Kime said...


Getting up at 4:30 on Sunday to go down to the beach and help load the four steamship rounds onto the spits and put them over the fire.


Going back to bed at 8.

Hanging out with the guys, turning the spits for six hours.

Snacking on all the best parts as we carved over 100 pounds of beef in about a half-hour.