Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Brave Little Magnolia

I'm thinking of writing a children's book about this magnolia tree. Yes, this is a magnolia tree. The MiL planted it on the front lawn a couple of months ago. It's all of 12 inches high, and the tiny thing already has a blossom on it. Talk about blooming where you're planted.

This is the second plucky plant I've introduced you to (the first was the ever-blooming lilac). Who's inspired? I know I am. In fact, I've been fighting it, Jive Turkey, but I can't resist any longer . . . Up with people!

And plants.


Krysta said...

look at that... that's pretty cool. it's a shame because my really old magnolia is dying.

mil said...

Take a cutting and see if it will root. Give the cutting a tiny bit of rooting hormone (be skimpy; too much is worse than none, plant it in soil, with just a tiny bit of leaf, and see what happens. Try several; you'll probably get at least one or two. Keep the cutting out of the drying sun; you have to keep the foliage rather quiet and limited until roots form to support it. Good luck.

Krysta said...

thank you... now i have to see if i can get a really big ladder to get a cutting but it will be well worth it.

Anonymous said...

HA! Oh, OK...I guess I can see how watching pretty living things thrive can make you all up-with-people-y. I will also spare you all my hack "Steel Magnolia" jokes I was tempted to leave in the comments.

Up With Plants!

tu mere said...

Spunky like the residents of its grand old house.