Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look! Rain!

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that. Or about anything, apparently. There seems to be an empty space in my brain where I normally come up with my brilliant and entertaining posts (what? they ARE SO brilliant and entertaining!). So, um . . . it rained last night? But, um, luckily I had covered the woodpile with a tarp? And, uh, the dead vole that the cat left on the patio is now waterlogged and will probably start melting into a disgusting mess anytime?

Yeah, I got nothin'. Try me again tomorrow. Maybe by then I'll have had a flash of inspiration. Or maybe I'll just give you a status update on the melting vole. Tune in to find out!


Pat said...

It's been rainy and overcast pretty much all week here in the Midwest. I don't mind a rainy day, but several in a row? Not so much!

Anonymous said...

AND you didn't step on the vole w/ bare feet and squish it between all your toes. Always entertaining and brilliant. Guess the baby has your brain today. Now, how's that for an excuse?