Thursday, February 4, 2010

Car Dancing

The antenna on my old and crappy car is broken, and has been for some time. This means that I get exactly four radio stations in my car: classic rock (heavy on the Led Zeppelin), light rock (heavy on the Eagles), and two country stations. Luckily, I like country music. But it's not really dancing music, you know? I love to dance. Although, I should probably make that "loved," past tense, as my gravidity has made it somewhat difficult to dance* in any energetic fashion. Thanks, man-cub!


But there is one form of dancing that even I can still do, as I discovered when I was driving along listening to the light rock station and they took a break from the Eagles to play a song that IMMEDIATELY made me start bouncing around in my seat.

It was "Say Hey (I Love You)," by Michael Franti.

I realize that probably most of you have heard this song about four million times on the radio already, but it was new to me. And I immediately loved it. It's such a happy, joyous song. And it made me dance in the car.

So if by some chance you haven't heard it yet, or even if you have and want to hear it again, click on that link to YouTube and be prepared to bounce.

* Right there I was going to use some kind of cool slang phrase for dancing, but then I realized how cringe-inducingly LAME they all are. Consider: Get your groove on; gettin' down; rockin' out. Or even, if we really want to date ourselves: gettin' jiggy with it. GOD NO.


Marcy said...

Zumba music! I can always use another song for Zumba. Grazie.

I hope we're getting all the frigid weather out of the way so the little guy won't have to face the worst of it first thing.

Anonymous said...

I am here to tell you that I know THE ACTUAL DANCE associated with "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It." AND I'm pretty confident I performed said dance at my wedding reception, but IN MY DEFENSE, it was ten years ago.

God, I'm going to so embarrass my daughter.

Anonymous said...

OH! And I love that Say Hey song. Good times.

Anonymous said...

AND if we see a woman going down the road ..bouncing around in her seat ...we will know it is Kristin....or one of her blog readers.....
Beth :)

word verification 'gabowbi'

the word the 'man-cub' is using as momma goes down the road bouncing in her cub is a bouncin along inside her..jiggle jiggle, womp , womp, jiggle jiggle .

Veggie Virginia said...

Thank you so much for that video. It's been rainy and dark for days and my mood has matched the weather. Listening to that song and watching that video definitely made me dance in my seat (at work!) and brought some sunshine to my day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, you have become one of those people who confuse me. When I pull up beside them, I don't know if I have encountered a crazy person or a music enthusiast.

Word verification: phyption

Is she listening to music or having a phyption?

Roger A. Post said...

Demonstrating true woodchuck innovation would seem to call for A. to make you an antenna out of coathangers or fence wire. Now, that would make your car blend in with the crowd in front of the local pub!

FinnyKnits said...

Bless you for staying away from all of those horrid dancing cliches.

Mia said...

OBVIOUSLY you're hormonal ::laughing::

WHEN exactly IS that baby due:) ??

Daisy said...

This just brought back a memory from my teens. As teen driver, I got saddled with carpooling my little brother and his friends to their basketball practices. They took great pleasure in car dancing while I was driving; usually disco style hands, all in unison.

Anonymous said...

I had *not* heard that song before!! Thank you so much for sharing. It made me want to get up and move even after a long week when it's been cold, gray and rainy all day long. THANK YOU!