Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canine Resignation

Oh no. Here he comes again. I know how this ends.

Yeah yeah. Trot trot. The same thing, every time.

Please. A little respect, child.

So this is how it's gonna be from now on then, huh? Fine. But you owe me BIG TIME, lady.


Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

Does she ever pick him up and carry him? Has she ever?

Word verification: blebor -- androgynous teen pop star with a speech impediment.

sheila said...

resistance is useless

mil said...

I see a pony in our future.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Drew: No. When she gets up, it's to shake him off. Even Mia has her limits.

Daisy said...

Love it!

Word verification: cursa -- what the dog is doing under her breatha.

El ViƱeru de Abajo said...

Awwwww, can't help loving them when I see them being so patient with our children.