Saturday, May 26, 2012

Confusion All Around

Hey, remember a month ago when I was all, "SNOW IN APRIL?  WHAT THE HELL, MAMA N."?  Or something similar, but minus the caps.

And then there was the month before that--you know, March--when it was 80 degrees and I was all, "What the hell, summer weather in late winter?  But okay."

And then last night it was 84 degrees in our bedroom and I had to stumble downstairs at 10 p.m. after emphatically NOT SLEEPING for an hour so I could retrieve the standing fan to add to the window fan and hopefully make it not-stifling enough that some actual sleep could occur.

It sort of worked.  But mostly not.

I don't usually have to resort to this until around late June.  And yet, here it is, late May and we have the full roaring wind tunnel effect to lull us to sleep (HA) already.

I do not appreciate this.  I would be more upset, however, if I thought this was really the beginning of miserable summer weather with no relief until September.  But the way this year is going, I wouldn't be at all surprised to get a frost in July.

And then I wouldn't have to worry about canning tomatoes, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be sorry if fall came in July.
My garden might. Beth

Anonymous said...

Take heart--we are sending you some cool weather from the west. Mary in MN

FinnyKnits said...

It's snowing over Memorial Weekend here in Lake Tahoe. Makes me nuts. Enjoy the heat! Or, at least your tomatoes will.