Saturday, June 9, 2012

For Purposes of Comparison

After sorting the many, many bags and bins of small boys' clothing we have accumulated--and discovering that WOW we have WAY more infant socks than anyone really needs, especially as they're an essentially useless item--I washed the smallest stuff in preparation for the coming small person.  In the load of 3-6 month size clothing, I threw in Cubby's current pajama bottoms as well.  As I was folding the clothes in preparation for putting them away, I was struck by the size difference in the pants Cubby wore when he was three months old and the pants he wears now.

Also struck again by the irritating reality that it is virtually impossible to buy pajamas for a toddler that are not obnoxiously emblazoned with some copyrighted cartoon character.

The big boy who wears those lurid pajama bottoms was also adamant that he must go outside this morning, despite the fact that it was POURING rain.  Luckily, his father was already outside, so I put Cubby in his rain jacket with the hood, shoved his feet into rubber boots, and sent him out.  Ten minutes later, I went outside to find this.

So much for dressing appropriately for the weather.

A. informed me that Cubby wanted to "swim" in the "creek" on the driveway.  Meaning he wanted to lie face down in the torrents of water flowing down the driveway.  This is what he does when he goes in the gully, and he was very excited to find that the creek had come to him.  So A., obliging father that he is, stripped him down to his pants, and allowed the kid to wallow in the mud for awhile.  

Cubby also sampled some of the flowing water.  Meaning he put his face in it and drank it.  Gross.  When asked how it tasted, he said, "Muddy."  Yeah, I bet.

That's all.  Happy Saturday, duckies.


Joan @ Debt of Gratitude said...

I can only imagine how happy Cubby's Saturday was. My teenagers swam at the river today. Deeper, but I suspect no less muddy given the laundry I see at the foot of the washing machine. Some things never change.

tu mere said...

Awwww. The simple life does have it's pluses. How great is that for a kid! Y'all rock as parents.

Daisy said...

Oh, the tiny clothes! The tiny socks! Are the infant socks actually in matched pairs? I always seemed to lose one, only to find it months or even years later.

At least socks don't mummify.

Anonymous said...

All country , that boy !
He's one lucky kiddo.