Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yup, Must Be Summer

A. is scaling the roof.  Again.

Starting with the first summer of Cubby's life, when A. learned how to roof from an acquaintance, and continuing with doing two porch roofs last summer by himself, roofing has become an unfortunate summertime ritual for A.  This year is especially unfortunate, because take a look at the roof he's working on there in the picture.  See how steep it is?  See how high it is?  See how there is nothing on the side of the house to break a fall from 30 feet up?


A. got a safety harness, as you can see, and some foot boards to nail up as he moves up the steeply pitched roof, but still.  He isn't the greatest with heights in the best of situations, and that is not the best of situations.

He might be afraid of heights, but he was also afraid of water pouring into our bedroom this winter through the disintegrating roof, so he's conquering his fears, facing his demons . . . and roofing.  Again.

I'll just be on the ground with Cubby, keeping him from scaling the ladder and crossing all digits that there are no mishaps up there on that roof.  And really wishing I could have a drink to calm my nerves.

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Anonymous said...

He is just trying to take his mind (and yours, is it working) off of the anxiousness of the impending birth.
You all live in a church? Beautiful house !