Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Family Fun

A. has been making a great effort lately to enforce Sunday afternoons as Family Fun Time.  He has noted, and he is correct, that if we don't make a strict rule to cease labors and do something fun, then we spend all weekend working our asses off with the various and never ending tasks that are a part of our lives.  And then he starts his work week with a physical hangover that has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with exhaustion.

So.  Sunday Family Fun.

Today's Family Fun activity was a trip to the pick-your-own farm to pick blueberries and raspberries.  I did not bring the camera, so there are no pictures, but it was much like when we went to get the strawberries.  Except, since A. was with us this time and he considers picking berries to be a little too much like work for comfort, he took over Cubby-chasing duties while the MiL and I filled buckets with blueberries.  Cubby and A. disappeared into the woods bordering the blueberry field, reappearing several minutes later with exciting stories of a water pump they found pumping water for irrigation.

That was pretty much the highlight of the trip for the two of them.  We heard about that water pump for the rest of the outing.  And the mules near the raspberry field.  But the water pump was the best part.

Fun obviously means different things to different people.  Good thing A. and Cubby are so much alike in their ideas of fun.


rls said... exactly is berry picking "fun" and "not work" when you're 8.999 months pregnant? I suppose it's fun to eat them on ice cream, but still.

tu mere said...

Does the fun now include boiling and preserving? Guess anything can be considered a pleasant outing if you're allowed to do your own thing without Cubby.